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Speak Up and Stand For Your Cause


Our strength grows in numbers and the best way to do this today is through social media and networking online. It's getting harder to stand out in a crowd but standing together for a common cause, or by changing the ways we do things by simply making attempts to show our better sides to the world more often, is huge! And it creates a chain link reaction that can grow exponentially. Only we can change our lives for the better when we stand for the right reasons. In the last years too many people from around the world have stood for the environment and have stressed the importance of having a cleaner world for obvious reasons not to mention you may just want to have kids one day. Well if it wasn't for people standing up for what may seem like a very obvious necessity to be taken care of, greedy companies around the world would have sucked the planet dry! Luckily we have all slowly started to adapt and that has made a big difference. 

We can do anything when we set our minds to it, and we all deserve to be treated fairly. Stand for what you believe and keep your head held high, stay strong, and be ready to fight to be positive sometimes as it is always not easy. Others will need you so that they can draw strength from. We need as many good examples out there as we can get, so just know all we can do is our best. Be ready to fall and make mistakes. Try not to stress that too much because it will happen but also know that this gives us a chance to dust ourselves off and get back up to try again! Show yourself you have what it takes to find the path you need to accomplish goals that once seemed impossible. We are all on borrowed time, so what do you have to lose?! "Right?" I would rather try and fail than to have never tried at all. Or even worse to be someone waiting to put down another to speak badly when maybe they did have a better idea. But instead of helping or working together, they found it easier to laugh, and for whatever ever reason, that's not the way to be, don't be "that guy". Your too important to waste any time doing anything other than your best. 


"Our Relationships, Friends, and Family are the most precious things that matter in this world, and if we can take anything with us when we go... it would be those same relationships. So take care of them while you can."


Networking to create good business or to be another bright shining star in the world is what we are about. Holding people up, and encouraging others that they can do anything they set their mind to is an amazing thing that generates positivity that perpetuates as far as we let it. So joint TLD and use it how you feel it can help you best. Buy and sell goods and or services, or get paid to use the system. It's simple and we are growing as we go, we have some great upcoming changes ahead of us we know you're going to love so stay tuned and don't be shy! Drop the admins a line if you need anything and talk about things that matter. This IS NOT FACEBOOK! So use your time well here and we will make sure it stays here forever.



Get Rewarded For Good Deeds

Paid to do what you love while working online (The Perfecr Job)

We are looking for a few people to help us manage this site as we grow and expands. We would offer shares and compensation so that whoever does "join us" would have a lucrative opportunity. A perfect candidate would be someone that cares about the needs and well-being of others and would want to create a following and post about real topics that help others and/or create a buzz for changing the world to be a better place! *We need trendsetters and people that are positive. Willing to go out of their way for others and be that light we talk about. Send us an email and a message if interested.

So you may use this website to help make positive changes as you the people see necessary. We are all in this together and we must start thinking as one world because what one country may do, can affect us all. (just as it is doing RIGHT NOW). gives you a place to communicate freely, without limitations. 

*We do ask that you verify any information before posting to the best of your ability. We welcome everyone from around the world to engage in a new social media platform that can be used without big media markets or government diluting our information feeds. Our goal is to benefit the common and normal people of the world, to educate and speak the truth so we can be informed. We will not accept huge media giants or companies into our site as a way to cut down their influence. A Leaders Community of Lions

Teach, learn, and help show the world how to be your best even when no-one is watching. Enjoy your life and when someone falls, give them a hand to get back up on their feet fast, this way we all keep on track and moving in a positive direction. Verify Information before being jumping to conclusions because there is too much out there that is just out of hand. Let's change that and dare to be different. Good communication is key in any community, and so it shall be. We appreciate everyone here and if you made it this far down, please remember this started just as our testing network and our final build are still underway. We could use another Dev if interested, and as always you can contact us here on the TLD contact page or (MOTHER SITE COMING SOON) Let's do our best to not make this another Facebook.